Specialist in Asia Pacific, China, India and South East Asia and Global Emerging Market equities.

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Stewart Investors manage investment portfolios on behalf of our clients over the long term and have held shares in some companies for over 20 years. They launched their first investment strategy in 1988.

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Corporate sustainability

We aim to contribute to a sustainable economy and society by improving our environmental, social and governance standards.

We aim to hold our own business to the same standards that we expect of the companies we invest our clients’ capital in. By doing so, we reinforce our position as responsible investors.

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In 2022, a dedicated Corporate Sustainability function was established to improve the sustainability profile of our global operations by focusing on four focus areas: environment, supply chains, community and diversity, equity and inclusion.

Our Corporate Sustainability Report provides an update on the progress that we have made in our focus areas.

Certified B Corporation

In 2022, First Sentier Investors became a globally Certified B Corporation (B Corp). B Corp Certification provides a framework that we can use to effectively assess our operations against high standards from an environmental, social and governance point of view, as well as to identify areas where we can enhance and improve.

B Corp certified companies are verified every three years on whether they continue to meet the rigorous and evolving standards.