Specialist in Asia Pacific, Japan, China, India and South East Asia and Global Emerging Market equities.

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Stewart Investors manage investment portfolios on behalf of our clients over the long term and have held shares in some companies for over 20 years. They launched their first investment strategy in 1988.

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Whistleblower statement

Whistleblower statement

First Sentier Investors is committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance, ethics and behaviour in all of its activities, as part of which First Sentier Investors requires that its employees display the highest levels of professionalism in all aspects of their work to facilitate compliance with its Code of Conduct and all applicable laws.

First Sentier Investors is also committed to maintaining a culture where all employees feel empowered to report misconduct and to feel protected from retaliation when doing so.

This extends to the relatives, dependents or spouse of the employee and to others with a connection to First Sentier Investors such as officers, directors, contractors, consultants, suppliers and service providers and their spouse, relatives and  dependents.

Individuals as noted above with information in relation to misconduct (including unethical, illegal, corrupt or other inappropriate conduct) are encouraged to contact the First Sentier Investors Whistleblowing Protection Officer or the First Sentier Investors EthicsPoint website.

The global direct access telephone hotline on +1-844-319-1607, or a local toll free number in the following locations:

• Australia: 1-800-515-184

• Hong Kong: 800-93-3975

• United Kingdom: 0808-234-5817

• United States: (844) 319-1607

• Singapore: (StarHub) 800-001-0001 OR (SingTel) 800-011-1111 then 844-319-1607