At Stewart Investors, we believe in putting people first. Our investment world-view is of a series of partnerships – with each other, with our clients, with the companies we invest in, the people who buy their goods and services, and with the wider society in which we all live and work.

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Team members bring diverse backgrounds and deep experience in both infrastructure and equities markets to our funds.
Deputy head of global listed infrastructure, andrew greenup, tells livewire the most compelling reasons for investors to consider listed infrastructure as part of their portfolios, some common misconceptions, and shares a high conviction stock pick; the world's ...
Tap into a relatively stable investments in real assets, infrastructure, property and essential services we all rely upon
We look for companies increasing the share of renewables in the global energy mix by decarbonising power generation assets and investing in electric vehicle infrastructure.” first sentier investors global listed infrastructure portfolio manager rebecca sherlock ...
Our responsible listed infrastructure team combines specialised knowledge and skills with a disciplined investment process to deliver long term capital growth and inflation protected income by investing in the shares of companies around the world that own or operate infrastructur...
We consider ESG risks to be factors that may place business value at risk. Companies at risk are identified using both external providers and our own internally driven research, which is based on a systematic and extensive company meeting program.
Learn how we are embedding a culture of responsible investment stewardship to ensure better outcomes both financially and for society in general.
2020 has been a remarkable year for infrastructure operators and investors, with covid-19 abruptly changing the way we work, play and travel. lockdowns have not been seen on this scale since world war two, impacting short-term earnings for assets like toll roads and airports.
Video: infrastructure - the good, the bad and the ugly
In this video rebecca sherlock, global listed infrastructure portfolio manager, outlines actions active managers can take to influence companies
We know we need to pivot our approach if we are to minimise the environmental impacts of our business operations, no matter where our offices are based. In March 2022, we announced a firm-wide target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across our business operations in line with a target of net ze...
For infrastructure companies, looking after all stakeholders is a fundamental part of honouring their social license to operate. how companies behave, especially during challenging times, gives tremendous insight into their overall commitment to social responsibility. in this video, re...
Our responsible investment strategy is founded on a strong governance framework. A key part of good governance are policies which set clear expectations for our people. Transparency is also an important component of good governance as it allows our clients and other stakeholders to hold us accoun...
This Privacy notice relates to First Sentier Investors Australia. We believe protecting your personal information and being clear about what we do with it is a vital part of our relationship with you.
The worldwide leaders sustainability invests in 40-60 high-quality global companies that are particularly well positioned to benefit from and contribute to sustainable development.
Climate change and global warming pose systemic risks to society and the global economy. it impacts the availability of resources, the price and structure of the energy market, the vulnerability of infrastructure and the valuation of companies.
Rebecca sherlock, global listed infrastructure portfolio manager, delves into the missing jigsaw piece in the transition to a clean energy economy.
Rebecca sherlock, global listed infrastructure portfolio manager, discusses the energy trilemma of trying to balance affordability, sustainability and reliability when we set energy policy.
We recently spent several weeks in the us visiting listed infrastructure management teams, regulators, politicians, industry associations and conducting asset tours. the following paper provides an overview of our findings.
Making a difference to the communities where we live, work and invest through philanthropy has been a focus for our business for over a decade. This is also an important part of our corporate value of ‘care’ to societies in which we operate. The First Sentier Foundation is our philanthropic initi...
global listed infrastructure underperformed in 2023 owing to rising interest rates and a shift away from defensive assets. relative valuations are now at compelling levels. infrastructure assets are expected to see earnings growth in 2024 and beyond, aided by structura...
The worldwide leaders sustainability invests in 40-60 high-quality global companies that are particularly well positioned to benefit from and contribute to sustainable development.
Discover our socially responsible investing approach through active ownership, ESG integration, and exclusion screening.
We believe that organisations have legal, moral and commercial obligations to respect human rights and remediate any implications on human rights in their operations and supply chains.
We are committed to fostering an inclusive and equitable culture where diversity can thrive. We believe this will deliver better outcomes for our people, our clients and society, and it is the right thing to do.
First sentier investors became a globally certified b corporation (b corp). b corp accreditation provides a framework that we can effectively assess our operations and gain assurance that our business is operating to high standards from an environmental, social and governance point of view...
We consider ESG risks to be factors that may place business value at risk. Companies at risk are identified using both external providers and our own internally driven research, which is based on a systematic and extensive company meeting program.
First Sentier Investors is committed to providing a culture where all staff are encouraged to raise concerns about unacceptable practice and misconduct
We are a specialist investment manager operating across the globe. Our executive management team lead through a demonstration of expertise, client focus and operational excellence.
Through the sustainable funds group, stewart investors access global equity markets by investing in emerging markets to deliver long-term investment returns.
Each investment team has developed a climate change statement and carbon footprint report. we provide a combined footprint for all listed equity portfolios and individual listed equity team carbon footprints.
Diversity is a business issue as well as an ethical one. There is a raft of research demonstrating that gender diversity contributes to better business and economic outcomes.
With key equity markets volatile, bond yields racing to zero, central banks out of dry powder and governments consumed by politics, 2020 promises to be a year of uncertainty for investors. The one thing investors can’t ignore is the investment process.
We're driven by our Responsible Investment principles. Our commitment to RI and ESG analysis enables us to make more informed decisions that not only benefit our clients, but our environment and our society.
The sustainability report interviews portfolio manager rebecca myatt about the companies reducing their emissions in the global listed infrastructure universe.
Investors, regulators and markets have an obligation to address modern slavery risks as a key aspect of their ESG obligations.
"what we do well by being global is recognising trends that are happening in one part of the world, and seeing that as an opportunity in another part." peter meany, head of global listed infrastructure, discusses global trends in infrastructure assets ...
We aim to contribute to a sustainable economy and society by improving our environmental, social and governance standards. We aim to hold our own business to the same standards that we expect of the companies we invest our clients’ capital in. By doing so, we reinforce our position as responsible...
This paper asserts that macro towers will remain at the heart of a modern, mobile data communications network despite the continual development of new technologies.
As investors, we know that biodiversity loss creates risks for the companies we invest in together with the broader economy, and that we need to do more to both understand and mitigate those risks.
Proxy voting rights are an important asset for listed equity investors and exercising these rights is a core part of our stewardship responsibilities. we seek to vote on all possible resolutions at company meetings.
Xcel energy is a us-listed regulated utility serving 3.5 million electric and 2 million gas customers in eight midwestern and western states, primarily colorado and minnesota. we invested in the company due to its combination of strong environmental credentials, and an attractive 5-7% earn...
We crossed six us states meeting over 70 infrastructure management teams as well as customers and suppliers at three conferences. we visited three corporate head offices, several regulators and toured the country’s largest nuclear power plant.
We are entering a new era. The year 2024 will be unpredictable and clouded by many uncertainties. It will be marked by geopolitical risks, the ongoing taming of the inflation beast, and how the US Presidential election will impact markets.
First Sentier Investors is the new name for First State Investments. We’ve always been renowned for our research-led active management approach. Curious to know more?
We have collected over 170 case studies from across our diverse investment teams on how a culture of responsible investment and stewardship manifests itself in real-life investment decisions and engagement with companies.
We welcome the chance to tell you more about what we do. Please contact the office most relevant to your needs to make a general enquiry or provide feedback
Leading global investment manager, first sentier investors, and boutique european alternative credit manager, albacore capital group limited (albacore) have received all regulatory approvals pertaining to their strategic partnership.