Specialist in Asia Pacific, Japan, China, India and South East Asia and Global Emerging Market equities.

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Specialists in equity portfolios in Asia Pacific, emerging markets, global and sustainable investment strategies

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Our philosophy is very simple. We are constantly searching for high quality businesses and when we acquire them, we will work relentlessly with them to create long-term sustainable value through innovation, ESG-led and proactive asset management.

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Leader in systematic equities across market cap weighted indices, smart beta and active quantitative strategies

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This Realindex site does not constitute an offer or invitation to subscribe for any interest in the yet to be launched fund(s) and that the information presented should not be relied upon because it is incomplete and may be subject to change in future.

Realindex Investments

Realindex Investments

Realindex combines powerful data analysis with human insight to deliver investment performance.

Our investments are shaped by a distinctive approach to research, the intellectual power of an expert team, and a strong focus on ESG.

Real people, real partnerships, real insights – all shared in real time.

Realindex Investments is the global systematic investment manager of the First Sentier Investors Group and was established in 2008.  Through the rigorous application of proprietary signals and insights, we create portfolios that aim to outperform the market and deliver sustainable long-term outcomes.  Our investments are shaped by a distinctive approach to research, the intellectual power of an expert team, and a strong focus on ESG.

Why invest in Realindex?

  • Realindex has successfully developed and delivered investment solutions across a broad range of equity universes, including all-country world, developed and emerging markets, global small, and Australian large and small companies for 13+ years.

  • ESG research and considerations are embedded in all our investment processes, with the option to customise portfolios to meet clients’ specific responsible investment needs.

  • We use a sophisticated, structured investment process that uncovers market insights and identifies market mispricings, which aim to generate outperformance and manage downside risk.

  • We have an experienced team who are market practioners with research and portfolio management working together in the same team.

  • We benefit from the significant global resources of our parent company First Sentier Investors across dealing, compliance, middle office and sales and service.

How we invest in equities

Realindex Investments builds data sets, research and production systems to understand and aim to exploit inefficiencies across a range of factors: value, quality, momentum, growth and ESG, in emerging and developed markets.

Responsible Investment

Our corporate RI strategy is based upon three strategic pillars of quality, stewardship and engagement.

ESG research has been and continues to be a strategic initiative for Realindex.  As a manager of systematic investment strategies, the degree to which ESG considerations are incorporated varies across strategies but in all cases investment stewardship considerations are paramount. We have undertaken a significant amount of research on systematically integrating ESG considerations into portfolios using our extensive database of ESG data and metrics licensed from third parties.  This research has been used to refine our investment process and develop customised client solutions.

Learn more about the Realindex Investments team's approach to Responsible Investment

Meet the Realindex team

Andrew Francis

Chief Executive

Dr David Walsh

Head of Investments

Dr Joanna Nash

Senior Quantitative Portfolio Manager

Dr Ron Guido

Senior Quantitative Portfolio Manager