Specialist in Asia Pacific, Japan, China, India and South East Asia and Global Emerging Market equities.

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Specialists in equity portfolios in Asia Pacific, emerging markets, global and sustainable investment strategies

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This is a financial promotion for The First Sentier Multi-Asset Strategy. This information is for investors in the EEA and elsewhere where lawful. Investing involves certain risks including:

  • The value of investments and any income from them may go down as well as up and are not guaranteed. Investors may get back significantly less than the original amount invested.
  • Currency risk: the Fund invests in assets which are denominated in other currencies; changes in exchange rates will affect the value of the Fund and could create losses. Currency control decisions made by governments could affect the value of the Fund's investments and could cause the Fund to defer or suspend redemptions of its shares. 
  • Emerging market risk: Emerging markets tend to be more sensitive to economic and political conditions than developed markets. Other factors include greater liquidity risk, restrictions on investment or transfer of assets, failed/delayed settlement and difficulties valuing securities. 
  • Derivative risk: derivatives are sensitive to changes in the value of the underlying asset(s) and/or the level of the rate(s) from which they derive their value.  A small movement in the value of the assets or rates may result in gains or losses that are greater than the amount the Fund has invested in derivative transactions, which may have a significant impact on the value of the Fund. .
  • Credit risk: the issuers of bonds or similar investments that the Fund buys may get into financial difficulty and may not pay income or repay capital to the Fund when due. 
  • Interest rate risk: bond prices have an inverse relationship with interest rates such that when interest rates rise, bonds may fall in value. Rising interest rates may cause the value of your investment to fall. 
  • Charges to capital risk: The fees and expenses may be charged against the capital property. Deducting expenses from capital reduces the potential for capital growth

For details of the firms issuing this information and any funds referred to, please see Terms and Conditions and Important Information.  

For a full description of the terms of investment and the risks please see the Prospectus and Key Investor Information Document for each Fund. 

If you are in any doubt as to the suitability of our funds for your investment needs, please seek investment advice.  

Diversified Growth Fund

We invest for purpose

Markets are constantly moving – and when conditions change investors must rethink their asset allocation: that is the different types of investments held within the portfolio 

Our flexible and dynamic approach draws on opportunities from across global markets to meet the investment objectives of our clients. 

Research demonstrates that a significant portion of returns can be attributed to asset allocation decisions, through well-timed investments in the best performing assets for the prevailing market environment. By looking across all asset classes, our fund managers are able to find the most attractive potential returns given the risks involved - returns not typically achievable by investing in a single asset class.

Here at First Sentier Investors, we invest with purpose. We seek to balance the trade-off between upside risk (meeting the Fund’s performance target) and downside risk (the chance of capital losses). This is what we call objective based investing – combining the benefits of long-term asset allocation with dynamic short-term tilts to enhance returns and abate risks.

Why invest in the First Sentier Diversified Growth Fund?

Here at First Sentier Investors, we invest with purpose. We seek to balance the trade-off between trying to meet the Fund’s performance target and the chance of capital losses. This is what we call objective based investing – combining the benefits of long-term asset allocation with dynamic short-term adjustments to our investments across different asset classes to potentially enhance returns and manage the risks involved.

  • The fund aims to protect against inflation and provide capital growth by achieving a positive return of 4% before fees and charges in excess of UK Retail Price Index (RPI)* over a rolling five year period – although this is not guaranteed.

  • Unlike traditional multi-asset portfolios, there is no requirement to allocate to any particular investment type. We only invest in opportunities that offer the best potential returns for investors given the risk involved, blending assets across the full spectrum of equities*, bonds*, currencies and commodities* that have the highest likelihood of delivering on performance targets.

  • By dynamically shifting exposures, we aim to take advantage of short-term investment opportunities as they arise. History has shown that being dynamic, making well-timed changes to the investment mix, can have a positive influence on long-term performance.

Meet the team

Andrew Harman

Senior Portfolio Manager

Epco van der Lende

Co-Head of Multi-Asset Solutions

Jan Baars

Senior Portfolio Manager

Kej Somaia

Co-Head of Multi-Asset Solutions