The most common definition of risk is the magnitude of short term fluctuations in financial markets.

The most common definition of risk is the magnitude of short term fluctuations in financial markets. This is also referred to as ‘market volatility’. This is only a one-dimensional view of risk.

We define investment risk as the probability of not meeting investment goals. The ultimate hazard to an investor is that they do not have enough income and/or growth to meet their current and future liabilities.

The most common catchphrase for risk measurement in Diversified Growth Funds (DGF) is normally in relation to equities: ‘similar return with less volatility over an investment cycle’. This measurement assumes that investors are only interested in reducing risk in comparison to equities, which may have an element of truth, although misses the point.

DGFs are designed to reduce the uncertainty in achieving long term goals. For objective-based funds we propose that investors have a multi-faceted view of risk.

When evaluating the risk profile of an objective-based investment, the following questions should be considered.


1. Has the fund delivered the required return over the investment horizon?

Achieving the investment return over the investment horizon is a key criteria in evaluating objective funds. Being too conservative could be risky as the fund may fall short of meeting its investment target.


2. How often do large capital drawdowns occur and how long does it take for the portfolio to recover?

A drawdown is the peak-to-trough decline over a period for an investment. The maximum drawdown provides an indication of the worst loss one would have experienced had they withdrawn their capital at an unfavourable time in the market cycle. It is also important to examine how long the portfolio took to recover from the loss. The portfolio needs to work harder after a drawdown; a 20% loss requires a 25% return to recoup the losses.


3. How did the fund perform after adjusting for risk?

The Sharpe Ratio is a measure for calculating volatility-adjusted excess return for a fund. It is calculated as the return earned in excess of the risk-free rate per unit of volatility. This provides investors with a tool to evaluate funds with similar return objectives and investment horizons.

The First State Diversified Growth Fund was designed to maximise the likelihood of meeting our clients’ investment objectives. We look at how this is achieved through a dynamic and flexible investment framework that allows us to navigate through different market environments. Ultimately our focus is on delivering sustainable, long term investment outcomes for our investors defined as a return of RPI + 4% (gross of fees) over a 5 year period. As for risk, we aim to minimize drawdowns over 12 month period, to protect against inflation over a 3 years horizon and to achieve the return investment over a 5 year period, although as with any investment this cannot be guaranteed.

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